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2020 New Car Scuff Remover

Introducing the 2020 New Car Scuff Remover.

2020 New Car Scuff Remover is an ALL-NEW and INNOVATIVE INSTANT FIX SOLUTION to ANY SCUFFS, SCRATCHES, SWIRLS, or MARKINGS in your CAR. It is specially formulated with PREMIUM INGREDIENTS that EFFECTIVELY and instantly save your car from scratches and restore its gloss and shine to bring back its original brilliance.

It is SUPER SAFE for your CAR as it DOES NOT CONTAIN any WAX FORMULA, so it is GUARANTEED that the SCRATCHES are POLISHED and NOT FILLED IN. It can easily repair years of wear and tear on your vehicle.

2020 New Car Scuff Remover has PREMIUM QUALITY CHEMICALS that have NO UNNECESSARY COLOR DYE or SCENTS. It comes with a custom sponge to help apply. It is SUPER SAFE to USE and PROTECTS your car’s ORIGINAL PAINT.


  • Size (approx):3*2*13cm
  • Water Cotton Size (approx):7*3*1cm
  • Weight:25g


    • 1 x 2020 New Car Scuff Remover
    • 1 x Sponge