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Pet Hair Devouring Roller - Members Only


Does Your Pet Shed Everywhere?

STOP wasting money on lint rollers!
STOP using things that don't work!
STOP lifting your heavy vacuum cleaner!

Our mission was to make the most effective solution to remove your pet's hair from all over the house - and here it is. Meet the Pet Hair Devouring Roller!

With a unique design, the Pet Hair Devouring Roller clears up pet hair instantly and traps it in its container for easy disposal. Collect, Empty, Repeat - Fun and Easy!
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Why The Devouring Roller?

 Effective:Picks up all types of Fur and Lint (even small particles) instantly and works on almost every flat surface including your sofa, couch, carpet, bedsheets, clothes.

 Eco-Friendly: Can be used for a lifetime while saving a fortune on lint rollers!

 Portable, light, and durable: Unlike heavy vacuum cleaners and other hair removers, The Devouring Roller only weighs 200 grams. You can quickly use it anytime and anywhere without a power source.

 Easy to Use; Easy to Empty: Simply use it on the area you want. When finished, open the lid and empty the container.

 Removes pet hair 3x faster than Lint Rollers!

How do I use it?

Clean up pet hair with ease with our Pet Hair Devouring Roller. Simply move the roller back and forth to collect all the pet hair into the container.

When done, open the lid to the container and remove the collected pet hair. It has never been so easy combined with effectiveness!

Cleaning Advice: It’s very easy to clean if you want every particle out. Simply put it under running water. It does not damage the product.


Product Description:

  • Product material: Durable nylon and ABS plastic
  • Color: White (with Red or Blue roller) 

Product Includes:

  • 1x Pet Hair Remover Roller


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