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Dog Car Seat Belt


You Buckle Up Your Kids- Why Not Your Furry Best Friend?

Over 400,000 people are involved in car accidents each year due to distractions, oftentimes caused by an excited pup in the backseat.

Sudden braking, sharp turns and swerving are enough to be fatal for your pooch. Dog seat belts are gaining momentum worldwide and are even becoming mandatory in countries such as the UK.

Protect yourself and your pet by choosing the Dog Seat Belt

Long-Lasting Comfort

We only use the highest quality materials, such as woven heavy duty Nylon and flexible elastic to guarantee efficiency, durability, functionality and most importantly- your dog’s comfort. That way, you know you’re investing in gear that not only lasts, but does the job to keep your four-legged friend safe.

Tested & Approved

We only select dog products that have undergone rigorous professional testing, with proven results. And of course, we test each product ourselves! Your dog’s safety is our top priorityand we will NEVER sell care items that we wouldn’t use with our own pets.

Easy To Use

Don’t know what size harness fits your dog? With the Dog Car Seat Belt,  you don’t have to worry! Sizing is flexible, as the length of the strap can easily be adjusted for small, medium, and large dogs. With universal fit for any vehicle - simply snap the buckle into your car’s seat belt clasp and you’re ready to roll.

Your Dog Feels Secure

Our cutting edge “No Tangle” seat belt design incorporates strong, yet flexible bungees to absorb shock while keeping your Doggo in place. The 360-degree aluminum alloy swivel clasp lets your dog lay, sit or stand, so they can choose a comfortable position.

Distraction-Free Driving

Let’s face it, dogs get CRAZY when a car ride is in store! All that jumping around, tail wagging and back-seat freedom could be distracting for drivers, not to mention incredibly dangerous. Now, you can enjoy zero stress when cruising scenic routes with your furry best bud.

Reduces Injury Risk

Even the smallest fender bender can cause an unrestrained pup to go flying from the backseat and into the car dashboard. It’s enough to render a serious injury or even traumatize your pup (and you!). Auto safety testing has shown that seat belts significantly reduced canine-related injuries.

Compatible With All Cars

One of the defining features that sets apart from the competition, is how easy it is to use. You don’t have to overthink sizing, because one size fits all. That’s right- we tested our unique adjustable strap system on hundreds of dog breeds, sizes, and ages.

Fits Any Vehicle

Not only is sizing flexible for dogs, but the Dog Seat Belt was designed with a universal buckle in order to fit any car make and model. Front seat, back seat- it doesn’t matter! Just clip our seat belt to your dog’s harness and click the buckle into your car’s seat belt- it’s really that simple.

Affordable For Everyone

You can’t put a price on safety. That’s why the team at Dog Car Seat Belt guarantees the lowest price without sacrificing quality. Our company is dedicated to providing dog products that make a difference and that starts with spreading awareness with products that every pet owner can afford.

How the Dog Seat Belt Works

  1.  Your dog stays comfortable and securely restrained, whether in the front or back seat during a car ride.
  2.  The highly functional design features custom fitting to get the size just right, with a durable strap that has a clasp on one end and a seatbelt buckle on the other end.
  3. Simply attach the clasp to your dog’s harness, and snap the buckle into your car seat belt. The 360-degree swivel clasp allows your dog to sit, stand, or lie down with ease.


  • Material:nylon + elastic band + reflective wire
  • Color:black
  • Dimensions: 54.61cm / 21.5inch, maximum elastic length 76.2cm / 30inch
  • Weight: 76 g


  • 1 x Dog Car Seat Belt