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Instant Repair & Nail Grow Gel

Don't put aside your cracked nails! 😱

Instant Repair & Nail Grow Gel can instantly repair any nail crack while providing a clear protective layer on those nail cracks, boosting nail recovery speed, and preventing injuries.

  •  Can I apply nail polish after repairing?
Yes, sure! Feel free to apply nail polish, soak-off gel polish, and even 3D nail decoration after repairing your nails. Just make sure the gel is completely dried and fully cover the cracks.

  •  Does Repair Gel V.S. Silk Nail wrap?
Nail wraps need to trim to fit your crack size. Also, they can only apply on healthy nail beds and enamel to ensure a smooth application process. But our repair gel can apply without a complex process. And it can flexibly fill in nail cracks of any size - apply 1 layer for tiny cracks, and apply more for larger cracks. 


  • Repair Broken Nails
    Instantly fill in and fix nail cracks flawlessly.

  • Strengthen Nails
    Create a clear protective layer on nail cracks which helps boost nail recovery speed and prevent injuries.
  • Easy to Apply
    No professional skill or tool like nail wrap required! 

  • Long-Lasting Repair
    It can last for >45 Days with proper care.
  • Able to apply nail polish on the repaired parts.

  • No Harm to Nails
    Made of environmentally friendly resin, which is harmless to the human body and nail bed.
  • Suitable for natural nails, UV gel nails, acrylic nails, etc.


  • Net Content: 28g
  • Gel Color: Clear


  • 1 x Instant Repair & Nail Grow Gel 

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