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Windmill Cat Toy 5-in-1

Love To Play With Your Cat?

Windmill Cat Toy 5-in-1 Promotes Independent Play!

  • Perfect for Chasing, Swatting, Batting, and Interactive Play
  • Encourage Your Cat's Natural Hunting Instincts.
  • Attach To Any Smooth Surface - Windows, Doors, Tables, Floors!
  • Will Spin At a Very Light Touch - Easy for Cats! Soft Center Ball Is Designed For Chewing and Face Rubbing - Reduces Cats' Anxiety!


 Suction Cup Base
The suction cup base can be sucked on the floor, on the doors and windows, under the table, wherever you want to suck.
 2 Transparent Bins
There are 2 transparent bins on the round wind blade of the windmill, which can place luminous balls, bells and mint balls to attract cats.
When you flick it gently, the windmill spins, making the cat reluctant to claw.
 Unique Design
All the designs fit the cat design, which is comfortable and entertaining.


 Includes Two Detachable Balls With Light And Catnip.
 Size: 6 x 2.5 inches.
 Sent In Random Colors (Green, Blue, Yellow).


   1 x Windmill Cat Toy 5-in-1